UPC Wi-Fi Keys

Online WPA2 passphrase recovery tool for UPC1234567 devices

Test your Wi-Fi router by entering your wireless network name (SSID), eg. UPC1234567. You'll get back a list of possible passwords, or keys, if your key is present, change it immediately. If not present, and you still use the default password, change it as soon as possible. Also, change your router admin password, we know it's admin anyway.


How can I change the wireless password? / Jak změním heslo k bezdrátové síti? (in Czech)

Currently, generated keys will only work if your router's serial number starts with one of the following prefixes: SAAP, SAPP, SBAP.

Works only for networks named "UPC" + 7 numbers, eg. UPC1234567.

Disclaimer: This site is here to help users secure their wireless network by educating them. Use only to test your own wireless network. Don't be a jerk and do not use the keys to "hack" your neighbors. Tell them to change their default passwords instead.

A project from Michal Špaček, @spazef0rze. Uses modified upc_keys.c originally by Peter "blasty" Geissler for the recovery, thanks.